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UW-Madison Mechanical Engineering Building

Exterior Assessment and Restoration (ongoing)


Client: University of Wisconsin-Madison (DFD)

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Status: Assessment Completed 2020 / Restoration TBD


+ BEPG, Director of Preservation

+ On-site building assessment and analysis

+ Assessment documentation

+ Direct client communication and coordination 

The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Mechanical Engineering Building was originally constructed in 1930 and was substantially renovated in 2007. Due to significant masonry cracking and observed damage to the building’s decorative terra cotta, in 2019 the University began an effort to stabilize and restore the structure.

Building Envelope Professionals Group was engaged by prime consultant McGowan Architects to complete a full assessment of the exterior of the building, including masonry and terra cotta analysis, sealants, and roofing systems. Along with other BEPG staff, I completed a full assessed the exterior, testing individual terra cotta pieces and noting masonry and mortar failures, as well as other building deficiencies.


Following completion of design documentation and specifications, BEPG will assist with construction oversight, expected to begin Fall 2021.

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