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St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Exterior Assessment and Restoration (ongoing)


Client: St. Andrew Lutheran Church

Location: McKinley Park, Chicago, Illinois

Status: Assessment Completed 2021


+ BEPG, Director of Preservation

+ Building assessment and analysis

+ Assessment team coordination

+ Research and on-site documentation

+ Report text, editing, and submission

+ Report presentation to Parish

+ Direct client communication and coordination 

St. Andrew Lutheran Church is located in the McKinley Park neighborhood of Chicago and was constructed in 1891. While several minor interior renovations have been undertaken since its completion, the structure remains largely as originally constructed.

As Principal Architect and Director of Preservation at BEPG, I was engaged to complete an assessment on the church structure after masonry fell from one of the towers in early 2021. Upon initial inspection, significant masonry deterioration was observed owing to inappropriate masonry restoration work completed in the past. Visible interior and exterior deterioration as well as the observable lean of the main spire indicated potential structural issues within the main tower.

I completed is currently leading a comprehensive assessment to evaluate the condition of the primary elevation and towers to determine necessary repairs to ensure the stability and preservation of the church. The  report will be followed by restoration work on the historic church based on our recommendations, once funding is available. I am also assisting the church in determining grant funding opportunities from local and national sources.

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