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Project-INARNG M&T Plans: Pro Gallery

INARNG Armories 

Maintenance & Treatment Plans

Client: Indiana Armory National Guard (INARNG)

Locations: Various

Status: Completed


+ Preservation Specialist 

+ Condition assessment and recommendations

+ Coordination with consultants

+ Direct client review

+ Research and report creation

(*completed while employed at RATIO)

Of the 62 Indiana National Guard Armory sites, eight resources were identified as eligible or listed on the National Register of Historic Places by Indiana National Guard staff. In December 2010, the National Guard Bureau, Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, and the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers signed a Programmatic Agreement for the maintenance and repair of National Guard Armories.

As part of this initiative, RATIO was engaged to complete assessments on multiple Indiana National Guard armory properties. Properties include Heslar Naval Armory (Indianapolis), Michigan City Naval Armory, and Readiness Centers in Crawfordsville, Marion, Lebanon, and Monticello. These reports are extensive and include narrative histories of the buildings and their surrounding sites and comprehensive analysis of separate building elements, including maintenance aspects and recommendations. 

As Project Director and Preservation Specialist, I was responsible for building documentation, condition assessment and analysis, and development of the report. 

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