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Project-St. Timothy's Episcopal Church: Pro Gallery

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

National Register Nomination

Client: St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Status: In Final IN-SHPO Review


+ Project Architect, Preservation Specialist

+ Rooftop design and detailing

+ Construction documents

+ Direct client communication and design presentations

+ Historic Tax Credit administration

+ Coordination with local preservation commission staff

(*completed while employed at RATIO)

St. Timothy's Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Indianapolis is located in a suburban neighborhood on the city's south side. Built in two phases between 1960 and 1969, the sanctuary was one of the earliest commissions by notable Indianapolis modernist architect Evans Woollen III. Woollen’s design sought to emphasize volume and light, using bold geometry with minimal ornamentation and simple, expressive materials. The building features elements from multiple architectural styles, including Exaggerated Modern, New Formalism, and Brutalism, exemplifying the shift into a new era of Modern architecture. The building's simple yet striking roof structure allows controlled light to filter in from above and wash down on the altar and crucifix above, creating a powerful sense of ecclesiastical reverence and intimacy. Evans Woollen would continue to design over 30 ecclesiastical buildings throughout his career, many of which borrow the same design principals used at St. Timothy's. 

Using a grant from Indiana Landmarks, St. Timothy's enlisted RATIO to complete the nomination to achieve listing in the National Register of Historic Places. 

I was responsible for completing the nomination, including fully documenting the building and its site, researching the building, associated architectural styles, and the work of Evans Woollen III, and completing the nomination.  The nomination was approved by the IN-SHPO in 2020 and should be included in the National Register soon. 

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